My Erdős number

The Erdős number, honouring the late Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős, is a way of describing the "collaborative distance" between a person and Erdős, as measured by authorship of mathematical papers. In order to be assigned an Erdős number, an author must co-write a mathematical paper with an author with a finite Erdős number. Paul Erdős is the one person having an Erdős number of zero. If the lowest Erdős number among all coauthors of a person is k, then that person's Erdős number is k + 1.

My Erdős number is 2, and therefore highly unlikely to decrease, because of the following two papers:

Unfortunately, my Bacon number is undefined, as I have yet to appear in a movie. My former landlord's son is a film director though, so perhaps one day I will be assigned a finite Bacon number (as well as a finite Erdős-Bacon number)...