There is only one correct way to spell my full name:

Pim van 't Hof

That is, Pim space van space apostrophe t space Hof. As you can see, my full name consists of four parts, only two of which (Pim and Hof) start with a capital. The first part, Pim, is my forename, the latter three parts I share with my family. If you use a text editor like Microsoft Word, make sure you use the right apostrophe. Due to Word's so-called smart quotes feature, you might have to type two apostrophes and delete the first one. (This solution is also suggested by Wikipedia, as you can see here.) I admit, that is annoying, but the fact that you make me a verry happy man if you correctly spell my name hopefully makes it worthwile.

In the Dutch phone book, I am (or actually was) listed as:

Hof, P. van 't

(or as Hof, P vt), which means that I appear somewhere between Mr Hoevenaars and Ms Hogenberg instead of close to Mr Valk. If, for some mysterious reason, you decide to leave out my first name and address me with mister, then you should write:

Mr Van 't Hof

In other words, the lowercase v of van changes into a capital V. To avoid any spelling errors caused by this obscure rule, you should never address me as mister. Or doctor. Just call me Pim.